Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Steps involved in school adoption program


Vision of school adoption program is to convert backward rural and urban Government schools into Model Schools in 3 years of time so that they are on par with the best run city schools in terms of infrastructure and performance.


1. Easy access to high quality education for underprivileged rural and urban school childern

2. Bridge the knowledge, economic and opportunity divide.

Steps involved in school adoption program

1. Identification of different schools which can be adopted to convert them to model schools
2. Selection of schools priority wise
3. Priliminary talks with school management and parents committee about our idea of adoption
4. Make school improvement plans to make the school a model school in 3 years
5. Reach a consensus on the improvement plan with school management and parents committee and finalise the plan
6. Tying up with other alliance partners
7. Formation of Model School committee with a representation from Nirmaan, school management, Parents committee and other local intellectuals
8. Staffing
9. MoU with Govt for partenrship/implementation/resources
10. Meeting resource gaps
11. Project implementation
12. Evaluation on quantifiable goals through proper feedback mechanism
13. Achieving self sufficiency


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it is time to change with some thing different for improvement and get high value result for achievement so keep it develop and continue and get progress not stop it


shobham said...

you have not mentioned how you get the finance - for development and more important for day to day running .
in kanpur a small NGO run by retired grand mothers wanted to adopt a school. they were told by samaj Kalyan dept. that they will have to bear ALL expenses , Government will bear none. Being impossible the idea was dropped.
so unless you are flush in pockets how do you go about it?

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